Chicken Guts

So, what have we been up to you might ask… We’d like to know too ūüėČ har har

Here’s the bare bones of it all. Well maybe not so bare anymore! We’ve finally got some meat on dem bones!

. . . No, it’s not actually the doggie…

It’s newspaper! Not¬†only can we put a shape¬†into the craft, but¬†we¬†can catch¬†up¬†on our daily¬†news too! For example, do¬†you know who the Jonas Brothers are? I had¬†no idea until we glued¬†their faces¬†onto the cart! Amazing what¬†you¬†can find¬†out¬†when¬†you¬†read a¬†newspaper eh?

Wow, we can’t believe it’s almost time to race, and¬†WIN! Well, see¬†you¬†on race day! Gotta go read…I mean GLUE some¬†more newspaper on the cart! (…Maybe I can finally find¬†out who Michael Phelps is!)

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