Happier times with the Chicken

The day before the soapbox derby, we loaded the chicken onto an F150 to get it to Kitsilano.

Here we are driving down Lougheed Highway with a giant chicken in the back.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

Drive slowly, Leonard!  The drumsticks are jiggling!

Deviled Egg, Knife, Fork & Chicken chill before the gates open to the public.

The chicken soapbox tries to relax before the big race (and subsequent crash).

What would a big event be without Hot Cops!  (It’s an Arrested Development joke – just watch the DVDs already!)  Our team traded stickers with this policeofficer.

This photo of Jensen Ackles is here to make me happy.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet him. He was there to participate in a celebrity charity race with Jared Padalecki, both from the tv show Supernatural.

Photo courtesy of Ianiv & Arieanna.

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