Thanks! This cluck’s for you!

First, thank you to our sponsor, Plum!  We couldn’t have made such a radical soapbox without your help!

Next, thanks to the following people and companies who kindly offered their products or services:

  • A certain Aunt & Uncle (& parents of a certain team member) for surrendering their garage for the summer, once again 😉
  • Our team’s parents for humouring us on participating in another wacky Red Bull event
  • Perceptus Solutions for hosting this blog (aka shameless plug for Leonard)
  • Marathon Wall and Ceiling for providing miscellaneous drywall screws
  • Pro-Bel for the ‘pivotal’ bolt
  • Rain Forest Pet Spectrum for the styrofoam (again!)
  • Melissa for printing the iron-ons for our team’s t-shirts

Finally, wing-pumps to everyone on team You’re not sushi – you’re chicken!  THIS. WAS. AWESOME.  First the sushi, then the chicken.  We can’t possibly out-do this, right?  Right??


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