We flipped the bird – but we’re OK!

If you saw our team race on Sunday, you saw THE CRASH OF THE EVENT. It’s an honour we’ll wear proudly only because our fearless pilots, Elizabeth & Jenny, emerged with nary a scratch. We’ll update this blog with more pics, videos and media hits soon.

If you have a video or photos of the crash and are willing to share with our team and on this blog, please contact us at chicken@lotus-land.ca and we’ll make it happen. Thank you!



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One Response to “We flipped the bird – but we’re OK!”

  1. tim says:

    i was flipping through the monday edition of 24 hours when i saw the pic! my mouth dropped! chickens are supposed to be so aerodynamic too!
    glad to hear everyone is safe.

    —so now that this is over, what now?
    lets go home kids.
    —we are at home.
    that was quick.

    [massive applause for You’re not sushi – you’re chicken!]