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Unconventional Recipe for Making Moonshine

Monday, September 1st, 2008

So, what do you do after going through a couple gallons of papier-mache paste and you have a couple litres to spare?  If you think you might need the goop next week, you put it in a container with a lid and set it aside – just like we did.

This week, after we finished the building the coolest roast chicken car in the world, we cleaned up a bit.

Surprise, surprise.   Upon opening the ice-cream bucket of papier-mache paste, we smelled the distinct smell of alcohol… a mighty putrid one, at that!  I tried to convince Elizabeth to try it, but we couldn’t find a clean filter to strain out the chunky bits. Maybe next time.

For those who’ve never made papier-mache paste: It’s just flour boiled with some water for a few minutes.  Many recipes recommend adding salt to prevent mold – Personally, I suggest minimizing drying time with good airflow and regular turning of the bird to avoid mold.

Chicken wire for the chicken car

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Let’s see how our roast chicken soapbox car is going…

Our team has scars from working with lots of chicken wire (ugh, these puns write themselves).

Time to papier-mache! Our car is bigger than a Smart Car, even without the drumsticks and wings. Yowsa.